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Spanish Courses for Teachers

Spanish Courses for Teachers - Spanish Teacher Training Courses

This course is not only for Spanish teachers, but for anyone who is interested in continuing their Spanish training, learning more about teaching Spanish as a foreign language, methodologies and theories. You will increase your pedagogical expertise by discussing controversial grammatical topics, addressing how to integrate culture, history and politics into your lessons, and reviewing other related issues that will undoubtedly enhance your classes back home.

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Summer & Winter Courses for Spanish Teachers

Destination Madrid & Salamanca
Starting Dates 2014 Madrid : January 7th & June 30th; Salamanca : June 1st
Course Duration 2 weeks
Lessons per Week 20
Lesson Duration 55 Minutes
Class Size Maximum 12 students per class
Requirements This course is open to Spanish teachers from any kind of learning institution. Native Spanish or high intermediate - advanced levels.
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