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Spanish Language School in Salamanca - Learn Spanish in Salamanca

Learn Spanish in Salamanca - City of Salamanca

Salamanca is known throughout Spain as the 'Golden City' due to the decorated sandstone buildings. This fascinating city, situated in Castilla y León not far from Portugal, is wrapped in culture and history, and for this very reason was named European Capital of Culture. In Salamanca and the surroundings lose yourself in the medieval villages, castles and forts.

Salamanca is a student orientated city, thousands of new students from all over the world come to study at the prestigious University founded in the 13th century. The night life is therefore amazing, and is compared to the cosmopolitan scene in Madrid, don't miss the chupiterías (shot bars).

Spanish Language School in Salamanca

Our Spanish language school in Salamanca sits on a typical cobbled street in the center of the delightful old town. The sandstone building was a originally a convent, blending perfectly into the surroundings.

Your Spanish school in Salamanca mixes the best of both worlds where tradition, architecture and culture merge with modern amenities, creating the perfect atmosphere to learn Spanish. Read more...

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