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Methodoly & Materials in our Spanish Schools

Teaching Spanish Methodology

At Spanish Schools in Spain we adopt a communicative approach to teaching Spanish, combining different scholastic techniques in order to extend to every type of learner. Our aim is to help you learn the skills necessary to feel at ease understanding others and making yourself understood in any Spanish speaking environment. Our teaching staff incorporates theory and practice, technical and socio-linguistic functional aspects of the spoken language. Incorporating grammar, listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary to connect the student in an authentic communicative atmosphere.

We strive to make every lesson individual and enjoyable, in teaching Spanish the use of grammar and vocabulary is vital and progressive as students advance from lesson to lesson.

At Spanish Schools in Spain we encourage students to nourish intercultural competence through knowledge, skills and attitude that lead to the creation of positive relationships with the society that surrounds you. For this reason the Spanish course include extra cultural workshops per week (+5) that give you a helping hand on the road to understanding, and therefore enjoying, Spanish traditions and customs.

Teaching Materials

All Spanish Schools in Spain course books are written and designed by our very own teachers, under the direction of our Academic Director, following a proven methodology based on years of experience and academic training. All course syllabi follow the requisites and guidelines of the Cervantes Institute and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Right after the placement test on the first day of class, you will receive a textbook and workbook that correspond to your level of Spanish language :

  • Basic / Básico / A1
  • Elementary / Elemental / A2
  • Intermediate / Intermedio / B1
  • Advanced / Avanzado / B2
  • Superior / Superior / C1
  • Proficiency / Perfeccionamiento / C

If your Spanish level improves substantially, we are always willing to bump you up to the appropriate level. In this event, you must pay for any new or additional course books.

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