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Spanish Culture Classes

To truly learn the Spanish language we believe it is crucial to also understand Spanish culture, traditions, society and way of thinking. Immersing yourself in a foreign language is much more than simply grammar, vocabulary and conversation. For this very reason Spanish schools in Spain offer at almost all destinations +5 cultural workshops and conversation classes to complement and enrich our Spanish language courses.

Each day an entire class is dedicated to a multitude of topics that will create awareness surrounding the rich history and cilvilization in Spain. The +5 Spanish culture workshops deal with both Spanish and Latin American cultures using a variety of media: literature, TV, cinema, music, dance and more. You will gain a global perspective but be focused on Spanish history to help familiarize yourself with your current socio-cultural surroundings.

As you become more aware of the Spanish way of thinking and socializing you will gradually feel more comfortable conversing with native Spanish speakers. This will inevitably improve your language skills!

When taking part in an Intensive Spanish Course the Spanish culture classes will be scheduled in the middle of the day with a different learning group. The average class size is 6 students with a maximum of 14.

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