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Learn Spanish in Pamplona - City of Pamplona

Pamplona is located in the north of Spain in Navarra, the Pyrenees Mountain range and the lush green surroundings are a contrast to the dry southern regions. The city center boasts many parks and is easy to explore as you can get from one extreme to the other on foot. Pamplona is visited by thousands every year to experience the 'San Fermines' festival, better known as the running of the bulls.

Discovering other fantastic parts of Spain in ideal from Pamplona as it borders France to the north, the Basque Country to the west, La Rioja ( famous for wine production) to the south-west and Aragón to the south-east.

Spanish Language School in Pamplona

Our partner Spanish language school in Pamplona lies in the city center and occupies the top floor of the prestigious 'Colegio de Médicos'. All accommodations are a stones throw from your school either walking or using the efficient Pamplona bus service.

We offer unique Spanish courses for students, adults and professionals all run by top quality teachers with bags of experience. Take part in activities and excursions organized by our staff at the Spanish school in Pamplona. Read more about what we offer...

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