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Spanish Language School in Seville - Learn Spanish in Seville

Learn Spanish in Seville - City of Seville

Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain and the capital of Andalusia. Discover the true heart of folklore and traditions in Seville where flamenco holds its roots. Bull fighting customs are alive and kicking as are the breathtaking religous celebrations and festivals like Holy Week - not to be missed.

Be sure to visit the impressive cathedral, one of the largest in the world, as well as stunning Moorish palaces and architecture, perfect examples of the cross-culture in Seville. Take a stroll among the sweet smelling orange trees present throughout the city.

Spanish Language School in Seville

The Spanish language school in Seville is a characteristic white-washed building in the heart of the old town, better knows as the 'Barrio Santa Cruz'. An area with tiny winding streets and a lively night-life, plenty of bars and terrace restaurants to sample local cuisine.

Students can enjoy the sun studying on the magnificent roof top area of the Spanish school in Seville, as average temperatures here rarely get below 25ºC, and summers last from May to the end of October.

An ideal location to learn Spanish and Flamenco or any other of our meticulously planned courses designed by our very own, experienced and highly trained teachers. Read more about what our Spanish language school in Seville has to offer you!

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