Sports and activities while learning spanish

Excursions & Activities in Spain

Spain is such a diverse country that it's beautiful lanscapes, architecture and traditions vary when you step from one region into another. When studying at any of our Spanish language schools in Spain there are a multitude of activities, trips and weekend excursions to savor that you'll want to stay longer! Students will widen their cultural, historical and geographical understanding of Spain, have fun by taking part while putting new language skills into practice!

The assortment of weekly activities may include anything from visits to museums and art galleries, city tours, to wine tasting, tapas bar routes and Spanish cinema nights. Most of these cultural activities are free of charge. Weekend excursions range from trekking in the mountains to visiting Morocco. On arrival you will receive information on dates and prices (if any!) of all the excursions and activities in Spain.

Discover some of the typical activities and excursions at our Spanish School locations.....

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