Accommodation salamanca school

Spanish School Salamanca Accommodation

Spanish School Salamanca Accommodation

Take your pick of 4 choices of accommodation in the Spanish school in Salamanca. You can stay with a Spanish host family, choose between a single or double room, full or half board. This is a great opportunity to see how families live in Spain and get closer to the Spanish language and culture.
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We also provide student apartments, sharing with class mates from all over the globe. If you want a relaxed study atmosphere and a fantastic social life then this is the accommodation in Salamanca for you. Meals are not included so make use of the fully equipped kitchens.
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A variety of student residences are provided: University campus residences, Student residences, Family style residences and residences without board. You'll be in an authentic Spanish university environment - a real eye opening experience!
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If you prefer a more independent lifestyle, we also offer private one- and two-bedroom apartments.
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