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We understand that your main goal is to learn Spanish, however, Spain has so much to offer that we provide Spanish programs in Spain to suit all tastes and ages. Wether you feel like getting fit, learning the traditional gypsy flamenco music and dance, relax on the golf course or even learn to scuba dive in Tenerife - we've got the course for you!

You will be accompanied at all times by trained and highly qualified instructors and teaching staff. You can count on all the custom Spanish schools in Spain student services, support and materials. So have fun and learn Spanish at the same time!

Course Options Classes per Week / Duration
Flamenco or Salsa 8 / 1 week
Golf Course 10/ 1 week
Tennis Course 10 / 1 week
Scuba Diving Course Diving Course / 2 or 3 weeks
Spanish Cooking 10/2 weeks

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