Spanish + Flamenco Courses

Spanish Language + Flamenco Courses

The southern Spanish region of Andalusia is home to the purist Flamenco, a typically Spanish icon. It is a passionate gypsy art form that combines singing, dancing, staccato hand clapping and acoustic guitars.

Take flamenco classes in Granada, Madrid, Marbella or the capital of flamenco, Sevilla. Enjoy lessons with trained professionals with years of experience in teaching foreigners how to dance, and just as important, understand flamenco.

The course consists of 8 flamenco classes per week. Dance lessons are scheduled during the afternoon or evening, and take place in a special Flamenco school or at one of our Spanish Schools in Spain centers, depending on the city you choose.

Starting Dates Every Monday of the year, all year long
Course Duration 1 week
Lessons per Week 8 Flamenco lessons
Lesson Duration 55 Minutes
Levels All dance levels
Notes Flamenco classes are held in the afternoon at the school or at a nearby dance school.Students may need to purchase : Flamenco shoes, flamenco skirt and leotard (approx. 90€)

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