Special Spanish Language Courses

Special Spanish Courses

At Spanish Schools in Spain we strive to create courses so every type of student can learn the Spanish language whatever their level, age and interests may be.

You can create your own study group with friends and add personal touches, take a more intimate approach and sign up for one-on-one classes learning the Spanish language at your own rhythm. If you want to travel Spain, then choose to city hop transfering your Spanish course as you discover Spain.

Whichever special course you opt for, we guarantee the same level of excellence in teaching and services.

Special Spanish Course Options Lessons per week Duration
One-on-One Spanish Course 1, 5, 10, 20, 30+ Minimum 1 week
DELE Exam Preparation 20 2 or 4 weeks
Christmas Course 20 1 or 2 weeks
Student Group Travel Personalized Personalized
Foundation Year Course + University Placement Enroll in a private or state, graduate or post graduate university programs through our education consultancy partner.
PAU Preparation Course and Enrollment in Spanish University 18 or 15 5 or 8 months
University Credits Courses with U.S.Transcripts - semester or summer

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