PAU Preparation Course

PAU Preparation Course

PAU (Preparation Course / Exam to Enroll in a Spanish University)

Just as our Foundation Year Course, our "Exam and Entry to University" or PAU ("Prueba y Acceso a la Universidad") program assists you with finding and applying to the university and university course that you wish.

The difference is that to do the PAU we already require you to have a fairly high (high intermediate or advanced) level of Spanish. Furthermore, instead of the regular Spanish lessons we provide you with a range of subjects that prepare you for enrollment in one of Spain´s Public or Private universities.

The program consists in training and practice with Spanish academic texts, and literature. Spain´s history, geography, as well as another foreign language (English) are the main subjects you´ll encounter in this course.

Starting Dates January & September/October
Course Duration 22 or 34 weeks
Level: High intermediate and advanced level
Lessons per week 15, 18, 21 or 20 depending on destinations
Class Size Max. 10 students per Spanish class, average 5-6.
Notes We will help you to apply for one Public or Private Spanish University for free (tuition fees, administration fees or other). Subjects include: Lengua Española, Comentario de texto y literatura; Historia de España; Lengua Extranjera; Geografía.

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