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DELE Exam Course in Spain

DELE Spanish Exam Preparation Course

If you wish to study Spanish at university or want to one day be employed in a Spanish speaking counrty, then the DELE (Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language) is a vital asset. It is the only official certificate recognized by the Instituto Cervantes for foreign students. We have an exceptional success rate with over 90% of students passing the exam who attend all of their classes.

The DELE exam contains 3 levels, this course prepares students to pass the Spanish exam starting at any level.

1. Nivel Inicial: Certificate of an elementary level of Spanish
2. Nivel Intermedio: Diploma of an intermediate level of Spanish
3. Nivel Superior: Diploma of an advanced level of Spanish

If you prefer that Spanish Schools in Spain handle your exam application, you simply need to pay an administration fee (besides the exam fee) and send us the following details at least one month before the exam date: Contact us....

  • Personal details (full name, birth date, nationality, etc.)
  • A copy of your passport
  • Your current address

When requesting a DELE preparation course, please specify the level of exam you plan to take. You will be given your results roughly five months after the exam. We receive a list with the names of the successful candidates and shortly afterwards, will let you know the results. Approximately one month later, the Instituto Cervantes will send the original certificate by mail to your home address.

Course Dates 2014 for May 24th exam: 2-week course: May 12th; 4-week course: April 28th.
for July 18th exam: 2-week course: July 7th; 4-week course: June 23 rd.
for November 22nd exam: 2-week course: November 10th; 4-week course: October 27th
Exam Dates 2014 May 24th, July 18th exam & 22nd exam. The exams are scheduled by the Instituto Cervantes.
Course Duration 2 or 4 weeks
Course Levels Beginners (A1/A2)
Intermediate (B1/B2)
Advanced (C1/C2)
Lessons per Week 20
Lesson Duration 55 minutes
Class Size Max. 12 students
Notes We strongly recommend that students wishing to take this course be at least 16 years-old, since the DELE preparation is highly intensive and moves at a rapid pace.

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