intensive spanish courses

Intensive Spanish Courses in Spain

Intensive Spanish Courses in Spain

Intensive Spanish courses are the signature and most popular choice in all of our Spanish Schools in Spain. The intensive program in available at all 6 Spanish levels, which are then divided into sub-levels ensuring you're allocated in the correct class level.

This thorough Spanish program works on every language skill, complemented by the extra culture lessons. You'll study reading, speaking, listening, writing and grammar subsequently combining the new skills.

The aim of the cultural lessons/workshops is to dominate the language in all its contexts. You will cover topics such as cinema, history, art, civilization and literature. This is not only useful, many students find it one of the most stimulating aspects of the course.

Maximum attention is guaranteed as class sizes are reduced, on average 5-6 students per group. Our intensive Spanish courses provide flexibility to suit every student situation. Courses begin on each Monday throughout the whole year, the duration starts from just 1 week up to an entire year - you choose! To experience more of Spain, you can travel with your intensive course to any other Spanish school destination at no extra charge.

Intensive Spanish course options are:

Course Option Lessons per week/ Duration
Intensive & Super Intensive 10, 20 or 25+5 lessons per week (Spanish + linguistic/cultural workshop)
(in Cadiz 25; in Malaga 20+5 or 30+5; in Tenerife 10+5, 20+5, 30+5; in Pamplona 25)
Long Duration 20 lessons per week
Learn & Travel Minimum 1 week in each destination.

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