Spanish intensive courses in Spain

Intensive & Super Intensive Spanish Courses

You have the option to choose between 4 different types of Spanish intensive language courses, depending and your needs:

  • 10 lessons per week: "Semi-Intensive/ Part Time"
  • 20 lessons per week: "Intensive"
  • 25+5 lessons per week: "Super Intensive + Workshops"
    (20 Spanish + 5 linguistic/cultural workshop + 5 conversation classes)

Intensive and Super Intensive courses are classic programs throughout all Spanish schools in Spain. Every aspect of language skills is covered plus 5+ Spanish culture lessons per week, to really get you in tune with Spain. The Intensive language course is available at all 6 Spanish levels, each level then being divided in sub-groups.

The Semi-Intensive or part time program offers a much lighter schedule, so it's perfect if you prefer more free time to explore your destination independently.

If your aim is to focus more on the language skills then choose the Intensive course without the culture classes/workshops, concentrating on 4 lessons a day.

Our ‘star’ program, Super Intensive + Workshop, help you really take advantage of your time in Spain. You’ll be immersed in 4 language lessons and 5 linguistic/cultural workshops per day plus 5 conversation classes, then apply these new skills every day when you step outside the classroom ! Our students are always surprised by how fast they learn with the 'plus' courses – it is without doubt our most popular intensive language course.

Starting Dates Every Monday of the year
Nº Lessons per week 10, 20 or 25+5 lessons per week (Spanish + linguistic/cultural workshop)
Partner Schools Cádiz: 25 lessons per week
Malaga: 20+5, 30+5 lessons per week
Tenerife: 10+5, 20+5, 30+5 lessons per week
Pamplona: 25 lessons per week
Course Duration 1-12 Weeks
Lesson Duration 55 mins (Except Cádiz & Málaga: 45 mins; Tenerife: 50 mins)
Levels All Levels Beginner up to Advanced
Class Size Max. 10 students per Spanish class, average 5-6. Cultural workshops: max. 14
Notes 20+ weeks with discount, see: Long Duration Course
Combine this course throughout destinations: Travel & Learn

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