Spanish + Cooking in Spain

Spanish + Cooking in Spain

Spanish & Mediterranean Cooking

If there´s one thing Spain is internationally renowned for it´s its cuisine. It also happens to be one of the subjects the average Spaniard can´t stop talking about either, much like the weather, so it also makes for an excellent topic for discussion and opportunity for you to practice your Spanish. Learn the ins and outs of the many culinary traditions of Spain with our new Spanish Cooking program!

Complement your Spanish lessons with cooking classes given by professionals. Learn to taste and define what makes for a good olive oil, how to prepare some of Europe´s best sea food, meat, and fish. Only with the best and freshest products, of which Spain produces the bulk part itself, you will master (and taste!) the delicious flavours of the Spanish kitchen!

Starting Dates 2014 January 7th & June 30tht
Course Duration 2 weeks
Level all levels
Lessons per Week 10
Lesson Duration 55 minutes
Class Size Minimum 3 students

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