medical spanish course

Medical Spanish Course - Spanish for Medical Professionals

Medical Spanish Course - Spanish for Medical Professionals

Our Spanish for medical professionals program is a unique course only available at our partner School in Pamplona. The school building is part of the Pamplona 'Colegio Oficial de Médicos', with great facilities it is a popular place to study medicine.

The Medical Spanish course is designed to help all types of medical professionals communicate with Spanish speaking patients in their native language. This is an intensive program including 5 lessons per day during 4 weeks. You will also have the opportunity to visit local hospitals and health centers to put your new medical Spanish skills into practice. If you are interested in participating in an internship program 'shadowing' health professionals in Spain, please contact us for more information.

The course syllabus covers grammar, expressions and vocabulary specific to the field of medicine, using authentic materials in the classroom. Listening and speaking skills with a communicative approach are developed, so that you can transfer the knowledge learned in school to the real working world. You will also learn to differentiate formal and informal situations in a socio-cultural and linguistic context.

Dates 2014 July 14 - August 8. Final enrollment date: June 27.
Course Duration 4 weeks
Lessons per Week 25
Lesson Duration 55 Minutes
Levels Minimum intermediate level required
Class Size Max. 10 students per group, minimum 3.
Notes Optional exam: Madrid Chamber of Commerce Certificate on Medical Spanish.
Includes 3 visits to hospitals and/or health centers.

Please note that a minimum intermediate language level is required to sign up for the Spanish for Medical Professionals Course. Have a look at Medical Spanish course prices & dates.

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