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Study Abroad - Insurance in Spain

Spanish Schools in Spain does not cover students for any illnesses, accidents, or loss of personal property (neither at the accommodation nor in or out of the classroom). We therefore recommend that you purchase an optional study abroad insurance for Spain.

If you decide to use our private insurance, we'll take care of the paperwork. When you arrive, you will be issued with an individual insurance certificate valid during the requested period you'll be in Spain. It's that easy!

The price of insurance starts at 45 euros, for a minimum period of 4 weeks.

Study abroad insurance in Spain includes:

Sanitary assistance

  • Unlimited medical and surgical assistance in case of disease or accident
  • Hospital internment for medical procedures - up to €1,502.53
  • Refund on medicines prescribed outside of the hospital - 100%
  • Repatriation of insured in case of disease or accident - up to €901.52
  • Repatriation of insured in case of death - up to €2,103.53

Individual accidents

  • Death by accident - €1,502.53
  • Total disability - €6,010.12
  • Partial disability - €3,005.06


  • Theft or damage - up to €150.25
  • Loss or small theft - up to €90.15
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